Different Drum by Linda Ronstadt
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A100 Portable Keyboard -- A100 Portable Keyboard      Add to Cart      View price.

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Portable Keyboard. Learn, practice, perform, play along - with the A100 you can do it all. The A100 is a 61-key portable keyboard with touch response and has 128 note polyphony. With a library of 508 voices to select from, you have every sound you might want. Play along with 180 Different Drum rhythm options or 120 songs. The built-in recording studio allows you to capture and play back your performances. With the A100, you can even use the included USB port to connect with your computer and use your favorite music software. Where will you take your playing with the A100? 508 Sound Options: · Select from 508 different voices · 50 piano tones · Select from 30 organ sounds · Over 50 synth tones · View sound selection on LCD screen Play Along For Practice or Performance Features: · 180 Different Drum rhythm styles · 120 built-in songs · 61 touch-responsive keys · 128 note polyphony · Includes pitch bend wheel and modulation button · AC adapter included; also operates on 6 AA batteries for enhanced portability · Includes integrated music holder SERIES: Samson Instruments. Media: General Merchandise. EAN: 0

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Beat of a Different Drummer, The -- The Beat of a Different Drummer Not-So-Traditional Rudimental Solos for the Advanced Drummer      Add to Cart      View price.

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Not-So-Traditional Rudimental Solos for the Advanced Drummer. This fantastic new addition to the rudimental literature for snare drum offers traditional-style rudimental solos presented in not-so traditional ways. These solos are fun to play, and are sure to challenge even the finest drummers! Features jazz-influenced rudimental solos - each with flexible tempos - inspired by legendary drummers, plus a three-page Rudimental Interpretation Chart. Perfect for contests or competitions! Composer Dom Cuccia is a former member of the West Point Band's revered field group The Hellcats. SERIES: Meredith Music Percussion. . Author: Dominick Cuccia.. by Dominick Cuccia. EAN: 9781574630329

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Different Drummer, A -- A Different Drummer      Add to Cart      View price.

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SATB. SERIES: Alliance Choral Series. Media: Softcover. . Composer: Robert James Dvorak.. Robert James Dvorak. EAN: 0

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Drum Programming Secrets      Add to Cart      View price.

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They listen to your song and you cough loudly every time that lame drum fill comes up. You wish you'd taken a drum programming course but, well.. Professionals across many different genres, including leading sound designer Dave Polich, provide hands-on tips and reveal industry secrets about programming drums using the latest beat generators from hardware drum machines, to plug-in applications, to plain old MIDI keyboards and DAWs. Drum Programming Secrets gives you the inside track on programming drums: how to set up your drum sounds on a keyboard, how to input the basic material, how to use both simple and advanced editing techniques, plus finger-by-finger instruction and insights into a whole range of Different Drum styles from rock, to world, dance, funk, and much more. Cough no more. SERIES: DVD. Media: DVD. . Author: Various. EAN: 0

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Great Songs of the Sixties, Vol 1 -- Great Songs of the Sixties, Vol 1 - Revised Edition      Add to Cart      View price.

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The newly updated version of this classic book includes 80 faves from the 1960s: Angel of the Morning · Bridge over Troubled Water · Cabaret · Different Drum · Do You Believe in Magic · Eve of Destruction · Georgy Girl · It Was a Very Good Year · Monday, Monday · People · Spinning Wheel · Walk on By · more. SERIES: Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook. . Composer: Various. EAN: 9780812962017

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Groovy Years, The - Easy Guitar with Notes & Tab -- The Groovy Years      Add to Cart      View price.

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23 tunes from the flower-power period: Abraham, Martin and John · All You Need Is Love · Born to Be Wild · California Dreamin' · Different Drum · Everybody's Talkin' · Give Peace a Chance · Groovin' · A Groovy Kind of Love · Happy Together · Helter Skelter · I Can See for Miles · Imagine · Me and Bobby McGee · People Got to Be Free · Revolution · Summer in the City · Turn! Turn! Turn! · A Whiter Shade of Pale · Wild Thing · more. SERIES: Easy Guitar. . Artist: Various. EAN: 9780634004995

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Mangini, Mike - The Grid -- Mike Mangini: The Grid A System for Creative Drumming & Improvisation      Add to Cart      View price.

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A System for Creative Drumming & Improvisation. This system is presented through performed examples and graphics, and is usable by drummers of all styles. Dividing your drumming into time signature, subdivision, dynamics, instrument sounds, limbs, style, and phrases, Mike demonstrates dozens of grooves, fills, and patterns from easy to extremely advanced. He systematically shows you how to use the Grid to expand your understanding of music and drumming, and improve your physical abilities. Filmed in two different studios on two Different Drum kits, including Mike's signature Dream Theater setup during the recording of the band's latest album, this 2-DVD set presents a brand-new and unique philosophy by one of the leading drummers of our time. Using Mike's system, you can grow exponentially as a drummer by increasing your speed, developing better independence, learning to use ostinatos and expanding your knowledge of styles. You will also learn to use polyrhythms, play in odd time signatures, develop a deeper understanding of the basics of rhythm and become a more creative player. SERIES: Instructional/Drum/DVD. Media: DVD. . Artist: Mike Mangini. EAN: 9781480354050

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Progressive Rock Drumming      Add to Cart      View price.

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Progressive Rock Drumming explores many of the techniques used by the founding prog drummers and shows how drummers can create their own drumset parts based on these techniques, while also demonstrating how multiple and very Different Drumset parts can be created for the same music. While this book explores some advanced techniques, it also teaches the reader how to create original and inventive drumset parts without the need to play in a demanding virtuosic style. The book addresses a wide variety of progressive rock styles, including such subgenres as symphonic, classical, fusion, neo-progressive, progressive metal, Rock In Opposition (RIO), and space rock. The package includes access to audio of demo tracks as well as play-along tracks (with and without drums) for nine songs in various prog rock styles. The book includes charts for all of the songs that have written-out drum parts as well as condensed band parts to help one see how the drum part relates to the song, resulting in a very musical approach to progressive rock drumming. Online audio is accessed at SERIES: Drum Instruction. Media: Softcover Audio Online. . Author: Dan Maske.. by Dan Maske. EAN: 9781423433613

SKU: 6620109       ISBN: 1423433610       UPC: 884088171391       Sheet Music

Ronstadt, Linda - Greatest Hits - Smart PianoSoft -- Linda Ronstadt - Greatest Hits Smart PianoSoft      Add to Cart      View price.

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Smart PianoSoft. This innovative software series enables your Disklavier Mark III piano to perform with the world's most popular CDs! Using Yamaha's PianoSmart Technology, this companion diskette will magically empower your Disklavier Mark III to accompany the exciting audio performance from the designated CD. (Use only the CD listed. The commercial CD is NOT INCLUDED and must be purchased separately.) Includes 12 songs: You're No Good · Desperado · That'll Be the Day · When Will I Be Loved · Different Drum · more. Matches Elektra/Asylum 106-2. SERIES: Pianosoft Sync. Media: Disk. . Artist: Linda Ronstadt.. Matches CD: Elektra/Asylum 106-2. EAN: 0

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SP4200 Stage Digital Piano -- SP4200 Stage Digital Piano      Add to Cart      View price.

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Stage Digital Piano. With 88 full-sized keys that are hammer-action, this is the perfect digital piano for home or performance. The realistic piano feel can access 600 built-in voices. The SP4200 allows you to fine tune your sound with integrated reverb, chorus, and other effects. Get creative using the 120 preset songs and 230 included play-along rhythms. Real Piano Feel - Enjoy a real piano feel thanks to the hammer-action and full 88 keys. Packed with Sound Features: · Select from 600 different voices · 230 Different Drum rhythm styles · 120 built-in songs · 128 note polyphony · Keyboard split functionality Optimize Your Sound - Use 5 EQ settings, 10 reverb effects, and 8 chorus effects to customize your tone. Add Harmony - There are 6 harmony effects built in. The effects include octave, tremolo, and echo. Use them to add melody to your right hand performance. · Includes MIDI In and Out ports · Get creative with the pitch bend wheel · Includes integrated music holder SERIES: Samson Instruments. Media: General Merchandise. EAN: 0

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