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Fantasy-Sonata and Dream Music No 1 for Solo Piano -- Fantasy-Sonata and Dream Music No 1 for Solo Piano      Add to Cart      View price.

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for Solo Piano. Two of William Bolcom's earliest and most complex piano solos are now available in this excellent volume featuring new engravings and explanatory and programmatic notes by the composer. Fantasy-Sonata (1961) exhibits a youthful enthusiasm for the European triumvirate of Boulez-Berio-Stockhausen dating from his period of study in Paris, as well as an abiding fondness for Charles Ives. Dream Music No. 1 (1965) expands on this influence from a time when Bolcom was a pianist at Pierre Boulez's Domaine Musical in Paris. SERIES: E.B. Marks. Media: Softcover. . Composer: William Bolcom. EAN: 9781495083440

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Karlheinz Stockhausen Volume 1 German Language      Add to Cart      View price.

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German Language. SERIES: Schott. . Composer: Rudolf Frisius. EAN: 9783795702489

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Night Pieces: Five Preludes for Piano      Add to Cart      View price.

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I had an overwhelming experience at Pierre Boulez's Domaine Musical concerts, as well as those of the French Radio (ORTF) that also specialized in the very newest music (a year-old piece was already passé). Although there seemed little interest in the Boulez-Stockhausen-Berio musical world in the U.S. when I returned in 1961, I would as pianist set out to rectify this omission, then only successfully on the West Coast. Night Pieces was written in Paris, shortly after I began my acquaintance with the current European international style, and premiered there. I never, however, wanted to eschew any musical reference from the past, including tonality as so many composers did then-and the first sound in the pieces is a C-major triad, in 1960 a shocking chord. What I did absorb from the prevailing style was its liberation from regular meter, and the gestural language is largely derived from Boulez andrelated piano music. (The reference to Schoenberg in the last prelude is an hommage.) David Chaitkin, the dedicatee, also lived at the Cité Universitaire when I was there. A fine composer, not well known enough; he passed away in 2011. ---William Bolcom SERIES: E.B. Marks. Media: Softcover. . Composer: William Bolcom. EAN: 9781495083457

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Pas de deux for Piano Duet      Add to Cart      View price.

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for Piano Duet. Eduard Pütz (1911-2000) was influenced by Hindemith, Stravinsky, Messiaen, and Stockhausen. He was also fascinated by the expressive language of jazz, and explored ways of achieving a compositional synthesis of these sound worlds. Pas de deux, a free atonal work, uses harmonies characterized by fourth chords and employs jazz-inspired rhythmic and melodic gestures. Intermediate Level. SERIES: Schott. Media: Softcover. . Composer: Eduard Pütz, Editor: Maria Zeidler-Kröll.. Eduard Pütz/ed. Maria Zeidler-Kröll. EAN: 0

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Snare Drum in the Concert Hall      Add to Cart      View price.

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This text will help to prepare the student for the technical, reading and musical problems in music of all styles and periods from Rossini through Stockhausen. SERIES: Meredith Music Percussion. Media: Softcover. . Composer: Al Payson.. by Al Payson. EAN: 0

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Sobre Un Extasis De Alta      Add to Cart      View price.

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SATB. Transcendental sequence Sobre un éxtasis de alta contemplación (Verses written after an ecstasy of high exultation), is a setting of the poem by St John of the Cross. Commissioned by Richard Marlow, for the Cambridge University Chamber Choir, premiered at Selwyn College in November 1975. The intense individuality of Harvey's music is characterised by emotional opulence and visionary symbolism, showing the profound impact of Messiaen and Stockhausen. Harvey has attempted to recreate in musical terms the state of mysterious illusion enacted in the verses. SERIES: Music Sales America. . Composer: Jonathan Harvey. EAN: 0

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Stockhausen - Die Werkzyklen 1977-2007 German Text      Add to Cart      View price.

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German Text. SERIES: Schott. Media: Hardcover. . Composer: Karlheinz Stockhausen, Author: Rudolf Frisius. EAN: 9783795707729

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Varese, Edgard -- Edgard Varése      Add to Cart      View price.

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One of the most influential, innovative, and inspiring composers of the 20th Century, Edgard Varése responded to advances in modern science in a climate of global conflict to create music that broke down the fragile remnants of diatonic tonality and embraced 'noise'. His intellectual shift from the dominance of melodic progression to a more textural approach to composition would see him revered by such cultural figureheads as Igor Stravinsky, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Frank Zappa, and others. His 'Poem Electronique' was one of the first examples of a purely artificial, studio-made composition, and would act as a blueprint for later electroacoustic explorations. The work Ionisation for percussion ensemble included air-raid sirens and was described by the New York Times as a 'terrible and marvelous work'. The 1954 premier of Deserts caused an uproar comparable to the infamous response to The Rite Of Spring some fifty years earlier. Edgard Varese analyses the life and work of this giant of the avant-garde, and delves deeply into his mysterious and eclectic world. SERIES: Omnibus Press. Media: Softcover. . Author: Adam Clayson.. by Alan Clayson. EAN: 9781860743986

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