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Medium Voice. Text by Mark Adamo. Pulp Fiction meets contemporary art song in this witty new vocal work from the composer of The Ghosts of Versailles. SERIES: Vocal Solo. . Composer: John Corigliano. EAN: 9780793584987

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Score & Parts. With origins as a Greek dance tune in the 1920s, Misirlou was popularized by the iconic recording by Dick Dale in the 60's and memorialized in pop culture by the movie Pulp Fiction. Instantly recognizable, this exciting and distinct arrangement is sure to be popular in the stands or in a field show. SERIES: Esprit Marching Band. Media: Softcover. . Composer: Nicolas Roubanis, Arranger: Tim Waters.. Nicolas Roubanis/arr. Tim Waters. EAN: 0

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Tarantino, Quentin - FAQ -- Quentin Tarantino FAQ Everything Left to Know About the Original Reservoir Dog      Add to Cart      View price.

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Everything Left to Know About the Original Reservoir Dog. Quentin Tarantino is a man who came to Hollywood and didn't break the rules so much as make plain that he didn't even notice them. Making the films he wanted to see, Tarantino broke through with Reservoir Dogs in 1992 and then cemented his reputation in 1994 with the release of Pulp Fiction. As his fame grew, he spread his love for movies that are far from commonplace through his promotion of older films and theaters and by reviving the stalled careers of actors such as John Travolta, Pam Grier, and David Carradine. Quentin Tarantino FAQ examines the movies directed by Tarantino, the influences on his work, and the inspiration he gave to others. There are also chapters on certain recurring elements in his films, from fake product placement to the music, actors, and even cinematic moments used. The book also reviews his work in television, the articles written about him or by him over the years, his acting career, his public battles, and some of the projects he abandoned along the way. It all comes together to tell the story of a man who forged his own unique path and helped shape the way movies are made today. SERIES: FAQ. Media: Softcover. . Author: Dale Sherman.. by Dale Sherman FAQ Series. EAN: 9781480355880

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Tarantino, Quentin - The Cinema of Cool -- Quentin Tarantino The Cinema of Cool      Add to Cart      View price.

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The Cinema of Cool. At the beginning of 1992, no one had heard of Quentin Tarantino. By mid-1995, Quentinmania was in high gear, and he was being hailed as the hip new Oscar-toting messiah of film making. In this irreverant personal biography and in-depth study, Jeff Dawson interrogates Tarantino about his early influences, his use of violence, and accusations of plagiarism. Dawson takes the reader behind the scenes of Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and Destiny Turns on the Radio, to get a glimpse of Quentin through the eyes of Harvey Keitel, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Tim Roth and other Tarantino gang members interviewed for this book. Includes dialogue that didn't make it into the final cut, as well as the original plot twists for True Romance and Natural Born Killers that got axed by the censors. Includes great color and black & white photos throughout. SERIES: Applause Books. Media: Softcover. . Author: Jeff Dawson.. by Jeff Dawson. EAN: 9781557832276

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Score & Parts. Quirky and unique describe this appealing hit by popular rock band Fall Out Boy. With unexpected quotes from the theme from the '60s TV series The Munsters, the title is a reference to a famous scene in the film Pulp Fiction with Uma Thurman dancing with John Travolta. SERIES: Contemporary Marching Band. . Artist: Fall Out Boy, Arranger: Jack Holt, Arranger: Matt Conaway.. arr. Matt Conaway & Jack Holt. EAN: 0

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Score & Parts. Recorded by Fall Out Boy, the title of this popular rock hit references characters portrayed by actress Uma Thurman in movies such as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. Also featuring prominent samples from the theme music of the '60s TV series The Munsters, this driving tune is a bit quirky but definitely fun! SERIES: Discovery Plus Concert Band. Media: Softcover. . Artist: Fall Out Boy, Arranger: Michael Brown.. arr. Michael Brown. EAN: 0

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