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First recorded in the 60's, this classic nostaligia tune has remained popular through years, most recently recorded by the group Pearl Jam. SERIES: Discovery Concert Band. . Composer: Wayne Cochran, Arranger: Eric Osterling. EAN: 0

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Mix - January 2014 Cover Stories: Larrabee Studios: Alex Da Kid, Manny Marroquin and Hit after Hit · Recording the Perfect Vocal · Butch Vig Reviews Barefoot · The Wireless Crunch · Sound for Arsenio Hall Show · Rosanne Cash · Pearl Jam Live! · Plus: SSL Live Console - Grace Design M905 - Presonus Sceptre S6 Monitors - Warm Audio Tonebeast SERIES: Mix Magazine. EAN: 0

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Complete Book of Alternate Tunings, The -- The Complete Book of Alternate Tunings      Add to Cart      View price.

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Hundreds of guitar tunings in all styles, from folk to Celtic to rock, are included in this unique volume. It covers artists such as Hedges, Kottke, Sonic Youth, Cooder, Crosby Stills & Nash, Pearl Jam, and more. Includes tablature. SERIES: Music Sales America. Media: Softcover. . Author: Mark Hanson.. by Mark Hanson. EAN: 9780936799131

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CryBaby Presents The Wah-Wah Book      Add to Cart      View price.

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Spice up your lead and rhythm playing by mastering the most stepped on pedal of all time: the wah wah. This book has history, philosophy, product info, 9 note-for-note transcriptions of famous solos, and over 30 pages of playing tips. Featured artists include Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Eddie Van Halen, and many others. SERIES: Guitar. . Artist: Various. EAN: 9780793532346

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Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Kurt Cobain - all pioneers in the world of rock guitar, creating individual yet highly influential styles seemingly effortlessly and crafting some of the best rock music ever written. But how did they get their sounds, and what can you do to recreate them? Giants of Rock gives the lowdown on twenty of the world's biggest rock acts, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to U2, breaking down their technique, equipment and playing style. Complete with two CDs containing 22 backing tracks and 20 lead tracks in the styles of the artists featured inside, as well as full tab and notation for each song, this book is all you need to become a Strat-wielding, distortion-soaked, windmilling maniac! Includes a full analysis of music by Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, Bon Jovi, Creed, The Eagles, Extreme, Jimi Hendrix, Incubus, Lenny Kravitz, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Puddle of Mud, Queen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Santana, The Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, U2, and Van Halen. SERIES: Music Sales America. Media: Softcover with CD. . Author: Jamie Humphries.. by Jamie Humphries. EAN: 9781844920280

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The Big 90s - the most outrageous stories of the decade. Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Green Day, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and much more. Plus the following songs: Green Day: When I Come Around · Alice in Chains: Rooster · Radiohead: Paranoid Android. SERIES: Magazine. EAN: 0

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Guitar World - March 2014 Cover Stories: The 50 Greatest Eric Clapton Songs of All Time! · The Return of Boston · Of Mice & Men · UME · Blues Power! Johnny Winter, Lonnie Johnson, Mike Bloomfield, Warren Haynes · The Layla Sessions - How Clapton Almost Destroyed the Allman Brothers · Readers Poll Results: Sabbath, A7X, Pearl Jam & More! Included: 5 Songs - Guitar and Bass Tabs! · Eric Clapton I Shot the Sheriff · John Mayall Hideaway · Avenged Sevenfold Hail to the King · Suicide Silence You Only Live Once · Avicii Wake Me Up SERIES: Guitar World Magazine. EAN: 0

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Hal Leonard Guitar Tab Method - Book 2      Add to Cart      View price.

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This innovative method for acoustic or electric guitar picks up where Book One leaves off. Learn notes up the fretboard with riffs like Purple Haze and Sunshine of Your Love, lead guitar licks from Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton, more chords with songs by the Beatles and Bob Dylan, and much more. The method's unique, well-paced, and logical teaching sequence will get students playing more easily than ever before, and music from popular artists like Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, and Pearl Jam will keep them playing and having fun. The accompanying online audio access, available using the unique code in the book, features demos of all 80 riffs and songs in the book. SERIES: Guitar Tab Method. Media: Softcover Audio Online. . Author: Jeff Schroedl. EAN: 9781458421920

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Keyboard - June 2014 Cover Stories: Benmont Tench on Serving the Songs and his Solo Debut · State of the Gig Rig; What You're Playing Live and Why ·ÿLessons! Situation Soloing, Put Quartal Chords in Motion · Pearl Jam Boom Gaspar Backs Grunge with B-3 Goodness · Reviewed! Roland RD-800 Their Best Stage Piano Yet, Rob Papen Blue II Soft Synth Nirvana, Acoustic Image Flex Not Just for Bass Players Anymore SERIES: Keyboard Magazine. EAN: 0

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Open Tuning Chord Book for Guitar -- The Open Tuning Chord Book for Guitar 312 Chords for Open D and Open G Guitar      Add to Cart      View price.

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312 Chords for Open D and Open G Guitar. What do Robert Johnson, Beck, the Beatles, Pearl Jam, the Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Sonic Youth, Ry Cooder, and Ben Harper have in common? They have all at one time or another used open-tuned guitars to make their music. This book provides an introduction to the two most popular open tunings with over 300 chord shapes for open D and open G tuned guitar, useful tips on tuning and string set-up, music scores for four songs using open tuning chord shapes, a glossary of favorite chords and recommended listening. What a super book, this is such fun. I could use this for the next album. - David Bowie. SERIES: Music Sales America. Media: Softcover. . Author: Brendan Gallagher. EAN: 9780825637599

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Pearl Jam - Anthology: Complete Scores -- Pearl Jam Anthology - The Complete Scores Deluxe Box Set      Add to Cart      View price.

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Deluxe Box Set. This deluxe hard-cover book provides 130 scores of every song on the Pearl Jam albums Ten through Lightning Bolt. Over 800 pages of music contain lyrics and streamlined transcriptions of every instrument that was recorded for an amazing written documentation of this influential band. Guitar and bass parts are written in both standard notation and tablature. Songs include: Alive · Animal · Better Man · Black · Breakerfall · Corduroy · Daughter · Dissident · Do the Evolution · Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town · Even Flow · Given to Fly · Go · Grievance · Indifference · Jeremy · My Father's Son · Not for You · Nothing As It Seems · Once · Porch · Rearviewmirror · Wishlist · and more. Book is packaged in its own protective box. A must-own for any serious Pearl Jam fan or collector! 7-2/8 inch. x 10-7/8 inch.. SERIES: Transcribed Score. Media: Hardcover. . Artist: Pearl Jam. EAN: 9781495060410

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Pearl Jam - Ten      Add to Cart      View price.

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Matching folio to their break-through album including 11 songs. Includes: Alive · Black · Deep · Even Flow · Garden · Jeremy · Oceans · Once · Porch · Release · Why Go. Also features photos. SERIES: Bass Recorded Versions. . Artist: Pearl Jam. EAN: 9780793523689

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Pearl Jam - Ten Updated Edition      Add to Cart      View price.

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Updated Edition. This revised edition features new note-for-note transcriptions with tab for all 11 songs off the lauded breakthrough debut from Pearl Jam: Alive · Black · Deep · Even Flow · Garden · Jeremy · Oceans · Once · Porch · Release · Why Go. SERIES: Guitar Recorded Version. Media: Softcover. . Artist: Pearl Jam. EAN: 9780793519026

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Pearl Jam FAQ All That's Left to Know About Seattle's Most Enduring Band      Add to Cart      View price.

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All That's Left to Know About Seattle's Most Enduring Band. Pearl Jam FAQ is what the British refer to as a spanner, covering the entire arc of the band's career, from their pre-Pearl Jam days to the present. Each chapter explores a different aspect of Pearl Jam's fascinating history. You will read about the members' successes, failures, and tragedies in earlier bands. You will learn the band's origin story and the unusual manner in which they came up with a name. We will go inside the studio and analyze each of their albums in turn. We will hit the road with the band as Pearl Jam sets out to conquer Seattle, the West Coast of the United States, and then the entire world. We will watch as Pearl Jam adapts to an ever-changing media landscape where MTV, not radio, is the major power broker. You will revel in their battles with Ticketmaster and learn about the roots of their socio-political activism. In short, you will experience Pearl Jam in every imaginable context: on CD, on vinyl, on the radio, on television, on film, in videos, onstage, backstage, on the road, in the air, and at home. Written by Pearl Jam enthusiasts, Pearl Jam FAQ presents a must-have text for band devotees to devour. SERIES: FAQ. Media: Softcover. . Author: Bernard M. Corbett, Author: Thomas Edward Harkins.. by Thomas Edward Harkins and Bernard M. Corbett FAQ Series. EAN: 9781617136122

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TapeOp Magazine January February 2014 Issue #99      Add to Cart      View price.

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Tape Op - January/February 2014 Cover Stories: Brad Wood; Liz Phair, Idful, Ben Lee · Tim Palmer; U2, Pearl Jam, Bowie · Wayne Peet; Engineering Jazz · Joe Mardin on his Dad, Arif Mardin · Music Reviews w/ Lee Hazlewood, I Dream of Wires · Gear Reviews SERIES: Tape Op. EAN: 0

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Young, Neil - FAQ -- Neil Young FAQ Everything Left to Know About the Iconic and Mercurial Rocker      Add to Cart      View price.

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Everything Left to Know About the Iconic and Mercurial Rocker. Neil Young has had one of the most remarkable careers in the history of music. He hasn't just outlived many of his contemporaries - some of whom were great inspirations for him (From Hank to Hendrix, as one of his own songs says); his artistry lives on through those he has inspired (Pearl Jam, Radiohead), and he remains relevant and vital well into his fifth decade of making music. Young also continues to crank out records at a rate that would kill most artists half his age. Between his solo and live albums, and his work with Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, his remarkable career has spanned well over 50 albums. Although he has experimented in genres from syntho-pop to rockabilly, Neil Young is best known for the fully cranked, feedback-laden noise he makes with Crazy Horse (Rust Never Sleeps and Ragged Glory) and the more introspective folk-pop (Harvest). The glue that binds his work together is the songwriting. Because when it comes to writing great, timeless songs, Neil Young has few equals. Neil Young FAQ is the first definitive guide to the music of this mercurial and methodical, enduring, and infuriating icon. From the Archives to Zuma and from the Ditch Trilogy to the Geffen years, this book covers every song and album in painstaking detail-including bootlegs and such lost recordings as Homegrown, Chrome Dreams, Toast, and Meadow Dusk. Obscure facts and anecdotes from the studio to the road, along with dozens of rare images, make this book a must-have for Young fans. SERIES: FAQ. Media: Softcover. . Author: Glen Boyd.. by Glen Boyd FAQ Series. EAN: 9781617130373

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