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Rhinestones and Twanging Tones The Look and Sound of Country Music      Add to Cart      View price.

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The Look and Sound of Country Music. Country may be the plainspoken music of rural America, but it certainly got gussied up on its way to the hit parade. Rhinestones and Twanging Tones: The Look and Sound of Country Music shows in glittering detail how most classic country stars traded in their overalls for sequined and spangled outfits that shone from a mile away, and strummed guitars that were often just as ornately bedecked, or customized by decades of road wear. These musical accoutrements demanded attention, and certainly captivated young country fan Mac Yasuda as he was growing up in Japan. A Hank Snow record set Yasuda on a musical path that led to him becoming friends with many of his heroes and performing alongside them on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Along the way, he amassed the unique collection shared here of their signature guitars and suits (most of the latter made by the famed rodeo tailor Nudie), including ones played and worn by Hank Snow, Porter Wagoner, Jim Reeves, Ferlin Husky, and other classic country stars. Those include Snow's famed Snow Job custom Martin D-45, Hank Thompson's Paul Bigsby-modified Gibson SJ-200, Carl Smith's Gay guitar, and others, depicted here in lavish detail. Rhinestones and Twanging Tones is a unique bundling of the sartorial and six-stringed equipage that defined the look and sound of a generation of country music. SERIES: Book. Media: Hardcover. . Author: Jim Washburn, Author: Mac Yasuda.. by Mac Yasuda and Jim Washburn. EAN: 9781495088131

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Understanding Audio Getting the Most Out of Your Project or Professional Recording Studio      Add to Cart      View price.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Project or Professional Recording Studio. Understanding Audio explores the fundamentals of audio and acoustics that impact every stage of the music recording process. Whether you are a musician setting up your first Pro Tools project studio, or you are a seasoned recording engineer or producer eager to find a reference that fills in the gaps in your understanding of audio, this book is for you. Understanding Audio will enable you to develop a thorough understanding of the underlying principles of sound, and take some of the mystery and guesswork out of how equipment setup affects the quality of your recordings. Projects at the end of each chapter will assist you in applying these principles to your own recording environment. Learn about: *Basic and Advanced audio theory *Cables and studio wiring *Recording studio and console signal flow *Digital and analog audio *Studio and listening room acoustics *Psychoacoustics *In the Studio insights, relating audio principles to real recording situations About the Author Daniel M. Thompson is Assistant Chair of Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music. An independent writer/producer and recording engineer, his credits include work for major films and television including ER and The Sopranos. He is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), the Audio Engineering Society (AES), and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). BUZZ This is probably the best primer on recording fundamentals and techniques that I've ever read. I wish I had a book that was this comprehensive when I started my career. It's simple and easy to understand, and the diagrams are perfect. From basic audio principles to current digital technology, this book has something to offer everybody in the industry. This book should be a requirement for every entry-level engineering student. -Elliot Scheiner, Multi-Grammy-winning engineer and producer (Steely Dan, The Eagles, Sting) A must for the musician/producer with a home studio. One of the best 'how-to' books available to help put you on the path toward fulfilling your career goals. -Don Puluse, Recording engineer (Chicago, Sly & the Family Stone, Billy Joel) Presents clear explanations of technical audio topics ranging from microphones to loudspeakers. It concisely delivers the goods that you will need to make better audio recordings. Be sure to tHank Thompson when you pick up your Grammy. -Ken Pohlmann, Author, Director of Music Engineering Technology, University of Miami-Florida SERIES: Berklee Guide. Media: Softcover. . Author: Daniel M. Thompson.. by Daniel M. Thompson. EAN: 9780634009594

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