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Book. This book is intended for those who want detailed, practical assistance in how and why to use Orff techniques and materials in the classroom. Goals are outlined and the best ways to achieve them are explored, but the principal focus is on the arrangement of the curriculum in a logical sequence. Such a structure provides a reasonable progression from simple to more complex objectives not only from day to day but from year to year. Structured learning need not be the enemy of improvisation but rather the best way to provide students with the tools they need to improvise. The book contains an introduction to the development of Orff-Schulwerk and a discussion of the distinguishing features of this approach. Chapter Two introduces the activities children use in their Music-making. The teaching procedure that structures those activities is taken up in Chapter Three while Chapter Four explains the vocabulary and accompaniment Theory essential to the Orff teacher. Part Two applies these elements in a sequential curriculum designed for Grades One through Five. Especially important in each chapter is the inclusion of supporting activities designed to aid in teaching the various skills and concepts. SERIES: Schott. . Composer: Jane Frazee, Composer: Kent Kreuter.. by Jane Frazee and Kent Kreuter. EAN: 9780930448998

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