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For All Musicians. A self-study course with illustrations & examples for you to write & check your answers. Topics include: major and minor scales; modes and other scales; harmony; intervals; chord structure; chord progressions and substitutions; and more. This workbook contains essential backbone concepts for working musicians. These are the things you must know. It may take a year to work through and thoroughly understand and memorize all that is in this book - and a lifetime to perfect it. But that's okay: You will own this valuable resource and have it for handy reference. SERIES: Music Instruction. Media: Softcover. . Author: Chris Bowman.. by Chris Bowman. EAN: 9781476808529

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SATB. This is the ultimate Mother's Day anthem recognizing all of the simple, loving gestures that mothers do every day without thinking, which we hardly notice, but would miss so terribly - These Are the Things. J. Paul Williams and David Lantz have given us a tender, loving, and lovely tribute for Mother's Day. SERIES: Shawnee Press. . Composer: David Lantz III, Composer: J. Paul Williams.. J. Paul Williams/David Lantz III. EAN: 0

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