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Language of Music, The - Practical Music Theory for the Worshipping Musician -- The Language of Music Practical Music Theory for the Worshipping Musician      Add to Cart      View price.

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Practical Music Theory for the Worshipping Musician. In The Language of Music, Tom Brooks demystifies and explains the basic building blocks of music in a simple, clear, straightforward way - essential knowledge that every Worship Musician needs to perfect his craft. The book offers a practical, real-world approach to all the fundamental concepts; music theory and harmony, chord construction, scales, key signatures, chord relationships, transposition, modulation, chart reading, and basic arranging, along with tips on how to practice more efficiently and rehearse more effectively, and much more. The focus is on contemporary praise and worship; music that is inspiring the church in the 21st century. The book comes with a DVD-ROM that features videos of the author guiding you step by step through each chapter of the book. SERIES: Worship Musician Presents. Media: Softcover with DVD-ROM. . Author: Tom Brooks.. by Tom Brooks Worship Musician Series. EAN: 9781458402943

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Photography in Worship - The Art and Science of Iconic Imagery -- Photography in Worship The Art and Science of Iconic Imagery      Add to Cart      View price.

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The Art and Science of Iconic Imagery. The ability to take a photograph - to stop a moment in time - is a very powerful act in and of itself. When this skill is used in the creation of imagery in support of worship, or even as an act of worship, it can be truly breathtaking. A great photograph can make a point or elicit an emotion in ways nothing else can, but what makes a truly great photograph? It's not the camera! Ansel Adams said, The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it. In other Cameras and technology have made incredible advances through the years, but the basic elements of photography haven't changed for over a century. Great cameras do not make great photographers any more than great guitars make great guitarists. You have to learn how to play! · What is good composition? · How much of the image do I want in focus? · Where do I place my subject? · How do I manipulate my image after I take it? This book will teach you the basics of photography through simple explanations and practical examples, and more important, how to see the image in advance, with special emphasis on creating imagery for use in worship. SERIES: Worship Musician Presents. Media: Softcover. . Author: Mike Overlin.. by Mike Overlin Worship Musician Series. EAN: 9781458402950

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Tips for Tight Teams High-Performance Help for Today's Worship Musician      Add to Cart      View price.

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High-Performance Help for Today's Worship Musician. Tips for Tight Teams instructs and equips today's Worship Musician to function on the musical, relational, and technical levels expected of 21st-century worship team leaders and members. Rooted in Sandy Hoffman's Ten Top Tips for Tight Teams curriculum, the book covers a myriad of timeless and relevant worship topics, such as: · Worship team mission, unity, and focus · Worship warm-ups · Getting your worship band out of the garage · Applying worship chord voicings and vocal harmonies · Comfortable worship keys for vocal range · Reading and writing worship charts · Arranging hymns to fit contemporary settings · Using worship modulations · Implementing free worship chord progressions · Flowing with seamless worship set lists · Leading worship · Worship do's and don'ts · Removing distractions from worship · Facilitating worship improvisation · and many more! The goal of Tips for Tight Teams is to elevate skill levels to the point where the worship team is no longer a distraction to the very people it endeavors to lead into worship. SERIES: Worship Musician Presents. Media: Softcover. . Author: Sandy Hoffman.. by Sandy Hoffman Worship Musician Presents. EAN: 9781458402912

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Worship Band Book, The -- Worship Musician Presents The Worship Band Book Training and Empowering Your Worship Band      Add to Cart      View price.

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Training and Empowering Your Worship Band. Whether you're in a band yourself or part of a ministry involved with teams, this book can help you on your journey. For 30 years, musician, songwriter, and worshipper Tom Lane has worked in the Christian worship music industry and alongside churches, ministries, and movements around the world associated with worship. In this collection of articles, Lane encourages honesty and clear communication from all sides while aiming for the right thing - to be a band that worships, first and foremost. Spiritual, relational, professional, and practical issues relevant for individuals and groups in worship ministry of any kind are addressed head on. Historically, bands have helped lead revolutions, crusades, campaigns, churches, rallies, and entire nations. The role bands play in worship, though important, is not the pinnacle of the calling or mandate according to Jesus. While it's okay to have a good rock band and want to go places, many creatively gifted Christians miss the mark entirely and are derailed by their own quests for something other than God. Likewise, worship teams sometimes miss the mark by placing too much emphasis on performance and not enough on relationships. This book will help lay the foundation for a healthier pursuit of creative dreams and a closer walk with God. SERIES: Worship Musician Presents. Media: Softcover. . Author: Tom Lane.. by Tom Lane Worship Musician Presents. EAN: 9781458418173

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Fanfare Acclamation on Majesty Worship Bridges Series      Add to Cart      View price.

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Worship Bridges Series. The Worship Bridges series endeavors to unify church families by creating a series of resources for church musicians that merge the greatest songs and melodies of today with the traditinoal forms and styles that have endured for centuries. It enables Worship Musicians to rejoice in the rich legacy of the past while celebrating the creativity of today. SERIES: Fred Bock Publications. Media: Softcover. . Composer: Jack Hayford, Arranger: Bruce Wilkin, Arranger: Mark Thallander.. Music by Jack Hayford7arr. Mark Thallander & Bruce Wilkin Worship Bridges Series. EAN: 0

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Guitar Worship Chords Photos & Diagrams for 144 Chords      Add to Cart      View price.

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Photos & Diagrams for 144 Chords. Featuring twelve common chords in all twelve keys, this book is a must-have resource for Worship Musicians! Part of the Hal Leonard Guitar Worship method, this resource includes easy-to-read chord grids and straightforward photos to have you playing any chords you may need to know to lead your congregation. Open chords and barre chords are also covered, and a helpful section on using a capo will make adjusting songs to singer-friendly keys a piece of cake! SERIES: Guitar Educational. Media: Softcover. . Composer: Various. EAN: 9781617740138

SKU: 696462       ISBN: 1617740136       UPC: 884088533960       Sheet Music

Worship Bass Book, The -- The Worship Bass Book Bass, Espresso, and the Art of Groove      Add to Cart      View price.

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Bass, Espresso, and the Art of Groove. As opposed to a systematic pedagogy for bass playing (many such resources already exist), The Worship Bass Book is a fun and informal, yet extremely practical, resource for bassists playing in the worship environment. Acclaimed bassist and music educator Norm Stockton covers a broad range of topics in bite-size chunks, allowing players to emerge with solid perspectives and a practical understanding of effective bass playing in a rhythm section. Players at all levels will find helpful insight into topics, including phrasing, a passion for the groove, tools of the trade, fingerboard familiarity, musical styles, slap and tap techniques, bass and drum synergy, solo bass arranging, real-world groove lessons, and much more. SERIES: Worship Musician Presents. Media: Softcover with DVD-ROM. . Author: Norm Stockton.. by Norm Stockton Worship Musician! Presents. EAN: 9781458443212

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Worship Drum Book, The -- The Worship Drum Book Concepts to Empower Excellence      Add to Cart      View price.

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Concepts to Empower Excellence. The Worship Drum Book: Concepts to Empower Excellence is a powerful guide for drummers in contemporary churches and for drummers in traditional churches who are making the transition from worship supported by organ or piano to worship supported by a full rhythm section. With over 30 years of experience in the modern worship movement, author Carl Albrecht has a vast knowledge of what drummers need to know to adapt to modern music's being brought into the church. The adoption of drums into church worship services is sometimes a very controversial issue, so Albrecht shares ways that drummers can be sensitive to the congregation and leaders and yet play with authority and confidence. Developing great drumming skills along with an understanding of spiritual matters is of the utmost importance. Therefore, while this book addresses important traditional drumming techniques and concepts, it also explains the unique role that drummers - or musicians of any sort - have as minstrels in the house of the Lord. In this book, Albrecht also shares concepts to help touring music groups and worship artists who are called outside the church walls. He and his wife, Leann, minister to churches and worshippers all around the world while also sharing an active ministry in their home church in Nashville. SERIES: Worship Musician Presents. Media: Softcover with DVD-ROM. . Author: Carl Albrecht.. by Carl Albrecht Worship Musician! Presents. EAN: 9781476814155

SKU: 102669       ISBN: 1476814155       UPC: 884088674823       Sheet Music

Worship Guitar Book, The -- The Worship Guitar Book The Goods, the Gear, and the Gifting for the Worship Guitarist      Add to Cart      View price.

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The Goods, the Gear, and the Gifting for the Worship Guitarist. Learn how to get great sounds. Let Doug Doppler show you practice and rehearsal techniques that can mold you into an excellent guitarist and find ways to approach excellent music with a pure heart, ready to worship God. The Worship Guitar Book is written in five parts designed to help the worship team guitarist play better while at the same time functioning with a good personal and spiritual attitude. Doug Doppler sets the framework for a wonderful resource presented with a heart for people, God, and excellence in all things. Doppler sheds light on the importance of well-designed practice routines, music theory, and working with a team toward a shared intention of supporting a powerful worship experience for the church body. Follow the learning path from the why's and how's of worship, to musical considerations, to choosing gear, to rehearsal and performance techniques, and finally to team building, leadership dynamics, and evangelism. SERIES: Worship Musician Presents. Media: Softcover with DVD. . Author: Doug Doppler.. by Doug Doppler Worship Musician! Presents. EAN: 9781458491206

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Worship Musician Magazine May June 2014      Add to Cart      View price.

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Worship Musician - May/June 2014 Cover Stories: Citizens Raising the Standard · Product Review: Kawai ES100 Digital Piano · Record Reviews: Paul Baloche, Kari Jobe, Fellowship Creative, International House of Prayer, All Sons & Daughters · Product Review: PRS S2 Mira · Drumming with Clicks, Loops, and Stems by Carl Albrecht · Listen to Me! by Sheri Gould SERIES: Worship Musician. EAN: 0

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Worship Musician Magazine November December 2014      Add to Cart      View price.

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Worship Musician! - November/December 2014 Cover Stories: Chris Tomlin, On Love Ran Red and Songwriting for the Church · Product Review: Santa Cruz OM Grande · Product Review: Kevin Michael Carbon Fiber Guitar · Product Review: Agape Tribute 18 Watt Amp · Record Reviews: Lauren Daigle, Chris Tomlin, Aaron Shust, Citizens & Saints, Dustin Smith · When the Well Runs Dry by James Eric Myers · Greater Songchart SERIES: Worship Musician. EAN: 0

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Worship Vocal Book, The -- The Worship Vocal Book The Modern Worship Singer's Complete Guide to Developing Technique, Style, and Expression      Add to Cart      View price.

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The Modern Worship Singer's Complete Guide to Developing Technique, Style, and Expression. Author Tim Carson has been traveling the country, helping singers of all types learn to present themselves and their music in a way that communicates the emotion in the song, the heart behind the lyrics, and the power behind the voice. He helps people understand their voice as an instrument, like any other, and that singing is truly a learnable skill. At a wide range of conferences and sessions, the principles presented in The Worship Vocal Book have proven to produce better singers, time and time again. The techniques in this book draw on four-hundred years of classical, foundational vocal instruction and yet they are fresh. Tim presents them in a way that is different from any other method available today, particularly as it pertains to the contemporary worship singer, leader, songwriter, or performer. The information is presented in a way that is easy to follow, and it works! SERIES: Worship Musician Presents. Media: Softcover with DVD-ROM. . Author: Tim Carson.. by Tim Carson Worship Musician! Series. EAN: 9781458443205

SKU: 333736       ISBN: 1458443205       UPC: 884088654894       Sheet Music

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